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Medication Without Harm



Our clients:

World Health Organization

The Initiative:

Everyone, including patients and health care professionals, has a role to play in ensuring medication safety.

Building on the launch of the Global Patient Safety Challenge “Medication Without Harm”, WHO has developed a campaign to increase public awareness of the safety issues related to medication use and the need for safer medication practices.

The campaign also aims to engage key stakeholders in the development and implementation of strategies for medication safety; and call for global solidarity and concerted action by all countries and international partners for reducing severe avoidable medication-related harm.

The call for action of the global campaign is “KNOW. CHECK. ASK.” This encourages and empowers both patients and their caregivers and health care professionals (for example nurses, physicians, pharmacists) to take an active role in ensuring safer medication practices and medication use processes including prescription, preparation, dispensing, administration and monitoring.

Our contribution:

Layout and design of all core materials (print ,infographics, social media and video) for the campaign.


World Health Organization